Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring into Romance

Ah! Spring is in the air! It's no longer dark at 5 p.m.; which gives me extra energy, hence, less couch-potato syndrome. And I automatically smile when I fasten my seat belt and the heavy coat isn't in the way. But the best thing about this time of year, is that feeling of newness. It makes me want to change the furniture all around, get back into a real exercise regimen, eat better, and breathe life into all my romantic daydreams by putting them down on paper (er, computer).

Right now I am reworking the manuscript, Sweet Chaos. Have a very good start on a second manuscript, Kiss Me. And have another exciting idea involving a billionaire (not that I've met any personally -- ha ha). So many ideas - so little time!! :-))

** note -- for whatever reason the top of my blog says: Jan Romes/Roman Author (? huh)

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  1. Sounds great Jan! I am also editing my book right now too. I agree that with the sunny weather I am getting more energy to get back to my book!.